A beautiful storm is coming, a storm everyone will be talking about, a storm going by the name of Hanna Shinohara. Her vocals are intense and powerful. Soon her LP will be coming out and I will surely promote the hell out of it. There are going to be many surprise guests producing some of the tracks on it. Right now she’s working alongside Brujjas Deejay and Freak Castro.

Once again Argentina tears up the music world with amazing work. I am madly in love with her voice, her lyrics and hell maybe even her!

Though the LP is still in the works I fortunately have a couple tracks to share with you to get a good idea what it is I’m going on so strongly about.

First up is the latest release El Gusano. It’s a remix by Freak Castro of the original track by Hannah and Brujjas Deejay.

The second track is called Pig Station (she apparently shares some of my opinions).

I wish I had some downloads for you but unfortunately I don’t. Keep a look out soon though because I’ll get them to you as soon as I am able to.

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