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After driving all night through dark humid swamp lands to be greeted by a green sunny landscape of northern Florida is a sight most pleasant and welcome. After about thirty-three hours on the road and over two thousand miles of non-stop driving I must say I’m somewhat surprised by my cheery mood. Maybe it’s the cause, or maybe it’s the reminder of how beautiful the United States can be, but whatever the reason for my joyous mood changes not the fact that it’s most agreeable.

We’re the odd kind of rebels, the remnants and echoes of the punk rock era. We’re not gathering to beat on drums incessantly in circles attempting to get in touch with whatever it is inside us we’d be trying to get in touch with. We’re not angrily opposing our opponents of liberty nor are we focused on a political party We are the odd kind of rebels gathering with the common concern that things are just not right. This system has got to change. Many of us saying we want the least amount of government we can get while others with which group I consider myself party too, simply want no government at all. I came from the west with the strong conviction in my heart to restore the wild west which was not so wild at all, those were just movies you saw. No, I’m afraid the world is much wilder now under ever-growing government regulated ruling.

Most of us save a few delusional folk know that there will be no massive battle won this weekend in the name of true liberal liberty but we face the music with heavy hearts and minds full of influence. We are few who gather to discuss anti-politics, we the echoes of the punk rock era. (I hope there is a bar at my hotel to at least prep myself for the after parties in New Orleans).

This week we saw some massive releases in the cumbia tropical bass scene. First with Caballito’s release of Automan’s new EP Armadillo. Featuring on this EP you’ll find the crazy duo Bigote and Grita with their special remixes. Make sure to download the free EP from Caballito here.

Also we have seen an epic return from Folcore promoting three new EP’s all for free download of Tu Guaina, Animal Chuki and Intiche. Go here to check them out and download for free.

Here is Tu Guiana’s dope new tune.

Also you can’t miss out on Bondi Blaster’s new remix. You can buy it on 7″ vinyl with which you will get a digital download with the format of your choosing.

DRXL returns to SSC after a long while with his new extended edit of Campache Show’s “Llorando Estoy Llorando.” It’s very chill and perfect for a live cumbia set.

A couple dope new additions have come in for Snow Baldera’s album release “Harta Soberbia.” First up from Albert DJ Style with his cumbia edit of “Hay Chabela.”

The other addition is a crazy cumbia mashup from Stereo Revuelta.

DJ Rickk is at it again with his cumbia edits. This time with Juanes’ massive hit Me “Enamora” taken from a live unplugged concert.

The boys at WEPA are always experimenting and concocting new sounds fusing many different styles. This is a Wu Tang remix that came out really unique and minimal.

My good friend Matthew Mansfield of Piper Street Sound has been working hard on many projects all while tending to his new born baby. Coming soon this fall is his new album Cumbia De La Piedmont. Here is a new edit of “Balam (Bear Rider’s Cumbia)” featuring the unique and beautiful instrumental stylings of this producing wiz.

“Toma Que Toma” is another intense edit from Yelram Selectah featuring his hard-hitting club friendly style.

This is awesome! Lata returns here with an awesome remix of Pa Kongal’s equally awesome in original form “La Escoba.”

Christchurch’s own Wubzilla and Danger Girl have been consistently performing on their own weekly radio show “The Ghetto Electric Sessions.” They spin a lot of cumbias from past Sexxy Saturday Cumbia posts among many other modern genres.

DJ Neber is not afraid to hold back showing his dope skills. I have or at least almost have downloaded all of his releases because they sound great live and within mixes. Here is his new banger.

Following his very new level Cumbiahtonical Volume 2, DJ Broken Record dropped this hot as hell tune early one morning earlier this week. It came out of the blue but everyone seemed to be drawn to it and it’s been getting tons of well deserved attention.

Empire of the Sun not only is the name of the best Spielberg movie but it’s also the name of the band (who based their name on movie) that jumped onto the electro-pop hipster music scene. It may sound like I don’t like them but quite the contrary, I actually really do. And so does Augustin Sound System.

The perfect soundtrack for this time of year as it seems it’s raining almost everywhere this week, comes from Bigote. Another deep graveton style cumbia he is known for.

Albert DJ always coming out with his bangers comes back with another shout out to the classic sounds of cumbia modernized with his special touch.

H.D.L.T. is one of the deepest producers around these days especially in the nu cumbia scene. He never lets me down. As soon as I see something new from him I’m always positive it’s great. This one surely is.

My good friend Matthew Mansfield teases us this week with some new work he has in store for us in the nu cumbia scene. Wild Man Cumbia is a sonic blend of old jazz with cumbia and dub creating a whole new style.

El Mulato brings us back into a deep trance with is new track. It’s heavy on the effects with the long intro then bursts into Lambada rebajada!

That about sums it up for me. I hope I don’t get West Nile Virus!!!

P.S. A lot of this was written while sitting in the back of a van with piles of grapes and water being consumed as I look out over the green wetlands.


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