There was a while we didn’t found some fresh and good stuff from neo funk. Maybe months, but the times are changing and we received a lot of new stuff. The first is from Leo Justi:


The producer and main name from Heavy Baile (maybe the creator), Leo Justi, have some news:

First and more knew from everyone, is the new remix to M.I.A.:

2nd: is the new, fresh, hot, heavy, bass, bounce, and amazing produce from him, Gaiteiro:

With this great video:

The producer is now in London, working with M.I.A.



The best album from Neo Funk in 2012 comes true Sango released a album with classics of funk carioca and other productions, mixing dubstep, soul and a kind of tap. With 8 tracks, this is the best view of Neo Funk, mixing eletronic music (and trends) with funk carioca.



The Down Pitch released Zica Memo, a mix with Balkan music and funk carioca. Produced by Chernobyl and Shazalakazoo featuring vocals of Suppa  Fla.

Bumps keep with the remixes of Neo Funk. Some very good stuff:


And to finish this post with news of Neo Funk, check this amazing set from Regent Secret (aka Regent 876). One of hottest set of Neo funk, from 2012.


Very good stuff in small period comes up. Lets see if we can keep with the scene of Neo Funk up, with good producers and good productions.

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