Duboka Ilegala (deep ILLGL) is like the sound you’re getting when you’re standing between four Belgrade coffee-shops.”

You know trash-hop music genre? Or silverbeat? Drum`n`mind or chain-hop? Well these guys are the inventors of it all – Belgrader band Duboka Ilegala (or in English: Deep Illegal) has masterminded them a lil more than 10 years ago in Serbia.  Here`s some official info about them:

“Duboka Ilegala (deep ILLGL) are founders of trash-hop – a genre that mixes low and dark, live played trip-hop, with symbols and markers of Serbian trash-turbo culture. This is a band’s collection of songs they recorded in legendary studio of SKC Radio during it’s best period (2001-2005) before it was shut down. This harsh synthesis is closer to unique underground hip-hop expression than regular dj mixes.”

They made an album recently, produced by Serbian global bass duo ShazaLaKazoo and featuring various Belgrader instrumentalists such as Hornsman Coyote. And that`s all for free! Check it out:



In the end, check out this dubsteppish remix of Serbian DJ/producer MKDSL of the 1st track of the album:




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