Whether they all met the devil at a crossroad, or have been all broken-hearted the same way, i cannot say. One thing for sure blues has an immortal universal soul.

You might have wanted Robert Johnson to start with, that’ll be Skip James and his ramblin’ mind !

You can listen & grab the Paramount recording here, so enjoy yourself !

‘Devil Got My Woman’ SKIP JAMES

Goa has its bluesman in the name of Slow Joe. The coincidence, the “accident”, a 68-year-old man that never wanted to be a singer, but just sang because he loved it. Quite a story. Joe met by chance on a beach in Goa, former heroin addict, is now about to release his first album.

My name is Slow Joe

You of course know Gooffee from their moombah remix of Stevie Wonder’s Supertition or their “Colours that rave” released on the Moombah-Thong’s New Wave Vol. II.

The guys from Toronto had also worked on a quite uplifting remix of Johnny Cash’s cover of Personal Jesus.

Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus (Gooffee Remix)

The mysterious Goat Doctor and his wild moombahblues, a psychokiller imaginary character originated from the mind of Khevin de Leon, the man behind the 13th Tribe.

Goat Doctor-Chickens Comin Home To Roost

It would have been impossible to write a post about bass&blues without mentioning the great Lord Cry Cry !

Hands up ! It’s time for some good booty shaking and clapping !

Lord Cry Cry – I Got the Clap Induced Blues Momma

To finish with, a big up to Archie Cooper, great Canadian bass music producer and his work on John Lee Hooker.

You can listen&grab the entire work for free on his bandcamp !

All my sins – Archie Cooper

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