[Photo’s by Hassan Hajjaj – http://hassanhajjaj.blogspot.co.uk/ (Adapted by me)]

So I’ve been digging up some old mixes, some of which stem back to before I had even dj’ed out live and I’m gonna start off with some of my old Electronic Arabia mixes.

These mixes go back to my pre-DJ days, yes before I had ever actually dj’ed out live in a club or bar, back in 2001, when I use to do lil’ mixtapes at home on my CD recorder and thank god for CD recorders!

I have been getting back into Arabic/Islamic vybz recently and trawled thru my back catalogue of mixes stored on CD and found a few. These are the first, more to come.

Me before I was a DJ and I’ve kinda come full circle cause I’m back to the same place now, as I am no longer a club/bar dj anymore!

The transitions are NOT great and so don’t expect any beat-matching or clever tricks but the music flows and that’s what counts, I guess!

Western influenced Middle Eastern/Arabic beats, 2001 circa!

This is NOT the kinda stuff I would play to Arabic crowds, it is made up of western electronic beats, diluted & made palatable for a western audience!

I would drop rai, chaabi or arabic pop for arabic crowds depending upon their composition

Big apologies, can’t remember the tracklist as I didn’t write it on the CD cover 🙁

This was pretty cutting edge in 2001!

Influenced by places like Momo’s Kemia Bar in London!


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