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I have returned to my hometown after a long week of constant travel and work. I took many things from this recent trip; the most important was seeing the energy and dedication of many people who use the Internet as a source for spreading truths. I’ve experienced this with Spain, Peru and especially Mexico. People take pictures, tweet, update their Facebook’s and blog about what the crony media refuses to cover. The biggest example was the recent protest in Mexico. It was eye opening for those whose eyes were shut that even when the largest protest in recorded world history wasn’t covered by international media or national media. If it weren’t for the free Internet most of us would have no idea that the protest even took place. So no matter what your personal views it’s wonderful to see issues and events being covered by the people for free or rather by their own expense without government and crony capitalist corporations intervening with the coverage. We must continue and grow this trend. We are the true journalists after all is said and done.

This being said most of the world doesn’t share my anarchy based beliefs and that is okay because I argue all issues well if I do say so myself (which I do say so myself). But I don’t wish to argue these points here for fear of bringing along immature trolling. Instead I will from now on focus more on the human aspect of our existence and of course promote the wonderful world of nu cumbia. Nu cumbia is a movement that is diverse in sound just as much as it is diverse with the producers, musicians and DJ’s behind it.

It was rather difficult for me to keep up with all the releases this past week but due to much appreciated relentless people messaging me and sharing their tracks I have had the time to review a lot of great music the past couple of days. These tracks are the ones that I wish to share with you this Sexxy Saturday.

I would like to start out with a short mix from Anacaona. This is seriously a mix of some great tracks, some may know, some you may not. Dealing with mostly live bands this is a great mix to get the cumbia weekend started.

My friends in Dialect Trio are back with an epic EP featuring their song Chicha De La Piedmont. Check the tracks out here and if you want them simply name your price and they’re all yours.

Man Awesome DJ’s just continue to grow more awesome with each of their uploads. Here is an awesome and rather aggressive nu cumbia edit from them.

DJ Neber is another one that keeps the dopeness actively coming with his edits. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites out there. I already have a large catalog of his work downloaded.

Andres Digital is a big player too as most of you know. He returns to SSC with his bass heavy Cutty Ranks remix of “Full Blast.”

DJentrification dropped this all vinyl mix starting with Iggy Pop and the Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” which immediately grabbed my attention. It flows nicely together with a several rare cumbia selections. I have seen this guy mixing live many times and I can picture behind the tables when I listen to this awesome mix. This is one of my favorite mixes that I’ve encountered in recent months.

Parlee-Vu Gypsy? on occasion drops a feel good mix on a few of the Facebook groups. This is Parlee-Vu Gypsy?’s style of choice. Some of us are more serious focusing on social and political issues, others on innovation of sounds and others enjoy the joyful approach to music which ultimately may be the highest form after all is said and done.

Aki Dalton is a new face here on SSC and it’s a pleasure to great Aki with his new remix track. He takes on an interesting approach to “Caballo Viejo,” a very cool take actually. Expectations of me posting more of his stuff here will not be met with disappointment.

Cherman recently recorded a live mix of him featuring several of the Folcore players respectively. It is a great way to show off the talent of the innovative artists in the collective.

DJ Pase dropped three nice tracks this past week onto my FB group. First with a more traditional cumbia Ya Llego La Campa, next with a more ethereal trance cumbia and last with a very interesting and cool cumbia dub.

A serious electro cumbia comes from Oscar La Saveur. It’s incredible and attention grabbing to say the least.

Flawlessly Albert DJ takes on classic cumbias and makes dope edits perfect for use in mixing live. This time he takes on “Ritmo De Tambores.”

I implore you to download this, share and ask questions later. (Don’t worry it’s safe).

Abtomic shared this awesome original track from Papi Brandao Y Sus Ejecutivos. Viva Panama indeed!

Check out this track from Alto Peru’s “Black Mambo” EP. You can contact them; the information is in the description, for a download.

Disco Movil Rumbatron is normally on here with a mixcloud mix, this time however he is here with an edit of an old school track “La Conga.”

Yelram Selectah takes us into dark territory with his new remix. Enjoy.

DJ Melo shares with us his edit he likes to use in his live sets. He set it up nicely for mixing in and out of.

Gux Swadharma and Caballo are at it again. This time with a heavy original cumbia-step.

Last up is a cumbia-dub reggae edit by [email protected] of a track called “Tiken Jah Fakoly.”

Thus ends another Sexxy Saturday Cumbia. I wish all peace and prosperity no matter what their political affiliation may be.

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