So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years!!

I think the first time ever the 3ball MTY dudes appeared on the net/blogosphere.  Of course Toy Selelctah was the dude behind introducing the 3ball sound to peeps like Mad Decent and to our goodselves.

Of course they have now been signed to a major in South America, Universal and apparently Diplo says he s gonna use 3ball as source of inspiration for a Beyonce track he is working on!

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Generation Bass Classic Post: 9th August 2010

This just came in right now from my good brother Toy Selectah and so I just had to get it up right nowww, know what I’m sayin’!

Plus, it’s only Generation Bass and Mad Decent who have got the exclusive to this and each with a different free track to give-away 🙂

Here’s what Toy has to say:

We are releasing today the first proper 3Ball MTY Free EP! Also we got an Exclusive Track for Generation Bass!

• 3 Ball MTY Crew:

The Tribal Guarachero Crew from Monterrey Mexico is  Erick Rincón (16 ), Sheeqo Beat (18) and Dj Otto (18).

This is their first proper release.  They have tons of music out there but this is the first time they put together something as an official release.

These Kids have been working on Official Remixes for some important labels such as Mad Decent, Man Recordings, Pollinate Records and Sones del Mexside.

They are working now on some new music and a Live Act as “3BALL MTY”.

I have not heard the EP yet but I am familiar with the dudes behind 3Ball MTy and of course Toy is behind it and so it reeeeks of QUALITY!



Plus grab this free tune Xclusive to Generation Bass.  Man I almost cringed when I saw this was a Daft Punk remix.  How many more do we…

BUT I almost passed out when I heard it cause it sounds so fresh, original and is awesome and so all is forgiven 🙂

Get on da Tribal Technologic Guarachero, u Daft Punk!


Daft Punk – Technologic (Sheeqo Beat remix)

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