Well this is exciting isn’t it my first posting on a real blog!!  Well for those who don’t know me, I’m Loki, my handle is ‘daTrixta’.  As a music fan and a disc jockey I tend to have a somewhat eclectic taste but leaning towards things that are interesting and fresh.  So yeah, I hope some of the stuff I share with you folks allows you to rock out just a little bit harder and perhaps keep your nights a little bit groovier.  This weekend here in NYC we celebrated Labor Day and it is always the unoffical end of summer.  With September comes a return to lifes normal routines.  For me I always begin to lament what I missed doing the past summer, going to the beach, picking up more Puerto Rican girls, missed concerts, festivals all that which would embody the perfect summer season.  At least there are the obligatory summer mixes to remind us of all the things we wanted to do but never found the time.

I just came a across this nice little mix from everyone’s favorite pimped out Prussians; Hat+Hoodie.  This is a very clean, dope, concise little mix, only 7 tracks, 25 minutes, but it moves along very nicely.  It’s certainly on the more deep dancefloor side of tropical bass, but fresh joints as one would expect from these guys.

The next mix here is one made by yours truly and my homie DJ Tiger. It’s an homage to our summer MOMBASA! parties. This mix takes some pretty extreme turns at certain points and ends up touching a lot of bases. Starting with some latin breaks going into moombahton, some funky house and finishing with an extended set of roots/reggae. Perhaps you might not get down with the whole thing but theres gems all throughout this one and certainly you’ll hear a few tracks/artists that are new to you.

The last one here I got from my friend DJ Chicus a few weeks ago. I was blown away, it’s all tracks that were completely new to me and great and really assembled nicely. I spoke with him about it a few days later and was surprised to learn that he made this mix completely off VINYL! Kudos to you Chicus, you shamed us all with your dedication to digging and buying records. This mix is really off the chain though, check it check it check it!!!

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