L FREE (Slobodan Stojičić by name) is a guy from southern Serbian town of Leskovac, a place regionally known mostly for their delicious grill and growing of various species of sweet and chilli peppers. I`ve noticed him online via his Provera Mikrofona blog (which is a local radio show as well), one of the very very few blogs/radio shows in this part of the world that pay attention to global bass music (among other genres). Not so long ago this guy has started his own production under the name L FREE, mixing up every style together – from trap, moombahton or dubstep to Balkan folk or Yugoslav rock music. I can say that it`s definitely one of the most interesting global bass projects from the south-east of Europe now. You can download all his tracks for free HERE, but first check them out in the form of his minimix series named in southern Serbian dialect – “Butaj Djuture” (translation: mix it altogether):



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