Photo’s by Hassan Hajjaj – 

(Artwork adapted by me)

So I’ve been digging up some old mixes, some of which stem back to before I had even dj’ed out live.  Here is Part 2 of my Arabia mixes.

This mix goes back to 2005 and I had dj’ed out at this time 🙂 and was running my own specialist boutique club nights and a lounge.

This is the kind of stuff I’d play in my lounge early evening to chill peeps out.

It’s chilled Arabic/Middle Eastern vybz with a Western electronic pulse!

2005 circa!

Again, diluted, to make the sounds palatable for the West.

Big apologies, can’t remember the tracklist as I didn’t write it on the CD cover 🙁

This was pretty cutting edge in 2005!

Influenced by places like Momo’s Kemia Bar in London!

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