I was wating for this so long !

I heard few dubtsep flamenco tracks but nothing convinced me . I was waiting that someone who really understand the gerne will take a chance . Finally Dj Panko delievered this first test . For the followers of mestizo , Panko doesn’t need an introduction , producer and deejay of Ojos de Brujo and now head of the new flamenco band LENACAY.

Also you don’t need i explain how is the Spanish politic and economic situation , but this track it seems a protest about the situation . ME DUELE ( It hurts in spanish ), has a respectful aproximation to what i would call Flamenco-step .

Spanish activism is waking up , from the epic non conscious criticism to our archaic religion structures , the famos Ecce Hommo , destroying all the boundaries of the catholic  roman powerful structure .

To the Bankia Flamenco protest  inside one of the bank’s office :

The PIGS are waking up !  Grab this mediterranean fueled track for free before it self-destructs!


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