It’s hot in this place. I’m sitting at a coffee shop surrounded by money obsession and loud noises ringing. I’m speaking of course of Las Vegas. It is unbelievably hot here and as always quite surreal. This is the best place on Earth for anyone who is into people watching and judging fashion mistakes. The people come from all over dreaming of once in their life having extreme luck. It must be the American dream or rather the American obsession. And Vegas is the epitome or better yet, the capital of this bizarre misguided obsession. The pools are nice though.

Yesterday I was in Palm Springs, California, the oasis of the Californian desert. The city is unique because it’s stuck in the 1960’s. Even the car dealerships only deal in classic automobiles. I must say I liked it there more. There were mostly obese elderly people in the oasis. All the men wore gold chains and had menacing looks about their faces. I think they were mobsters at my resort. They’re all that I saw and they all looked as though they were on the same team. In the morning I was sitting at the cabana drinking coffee, free coffee because my coffee maker broke in my room and I was desperate for it. Across from me were three of these gold chain wearing possible mobsters, they chewed on their sandwiches and drank their rum. I found myself consumed with one thought as I watched them. They appeared to be an almost perfect blend of ape and man. They may have been this missing link the fundamental Christians always go on about. They furthered my strong belief that we share a common ancestor with the chimpanzees and just maybe these were our ancestors in the flesh.

I must now bring on the cumbia as I sit here nursing my hangover drinking my coffee at 10 pm.

El Gato Deejayis back on the scene and I must say I rather missed him. He shows his support for the always-awesome Shakalakazoo with a cumbia Balkanica remix of Aleva.

I don’t think enough people cover Al Pacheco so it’s a good thing to see Caballito work with him. Here is his new release with Caballito.

Folcore is back with a vengeance. I covered them last week but now Qechuaboi released a dope new track with them. There’s so much greatness on this track you must discover all that it has to offer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a hundred times more at least, DJ Neber is awesome! His remixes and edits are massive. He’s back on here with his new craziness “No Soy De Valle.”

Total dopeness comes again from Yelram Selectah with his awesome tribal guarachero track for all to dance to.

Fauna’s “Manshines” album has received great success. Just recently they released their new video for “Comemelon.” I posted more about it here.

This next one is pretty sick, I think most of you will dig it. It’s an awesome cumbia hip hop by Bematela.

Albert DJ Style shows us what he can do with the popularly edited “La Zenaida” featuring the awesome Albert DJ Style, well, style.

Representing the West Coast for a long time now is the group Ozomatli. They are exciting live and are huge out here. I remember it being a must to play their tracks years ago in the clubs. So it’s really cool for me to post something of theirs here by way of Awesome DJ’s and their edit.

Never have I heard “Chambaku” sound so delicious thanks to Disco Movil Rumbatron with an mashup from the heavens.

Glitch cumbia bass you say? I’ll take it! Arun y la Cumbia once again thrills my senses with his unique futuristic cumbia styling.

That wraps it up for this weekend. Please keep an eye out for some posts I will be writing for Generation Bass this next week featuring a couple new exciting experiences of sound.

Now if I can only get rid of this headache from drinking in the pool all day! I expect to feel a bit better soon. Also I’m pleased my laptop battery lasted long enough for me to write all of this in time. No sockets anywhere I swear! In a city of so much lighting and electricity you’d think there would be sockets everywhere.


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