Recently been trawling through my CD’s stored with mixes/live gigs etc etc and amongst the Arabia, Eastern, Dub, Lounge and other collections, I came across a bunch of live recordings at a great Jazz club that use to be in my home city where I use to play regularly when I first started out as a DJ, Ty’s Jazz Club.  In fact his club was one of the best in the UK during that time and he got into Jazz through my cousin and I.  He loved it so much that he opened up a really great place filled with awesome memories.

So when I started dj’ing and he found out, he wanted me in and I use to open for live jazz bands and play in between and after parties too!

I was into Jazz way before I actually got into most other stuff and so it was perfect start for me.

The recordings were a bit of a revelation to me cause I was heavily into Jazz and it’s been a joy listening back to some solid material with great, great production and complex improvised arrangements. Kinda made me remember how great music is by virtuoso musicians is and I feel that I’ve been missing out on that element for a while in recent years.

The mixing/transitions aren’t great, so don’t expect any clever tricks and do expect a lot of mistakes..ahhaha….it was live on the night and I was just starting out… so what do want… was mostly experimental/improv just like a lot of Jazz..

Part 1:

The stuff on the mix is NOT the Be Bop stuff from the 50’s & 60’s that most influenced me but stuff that came later that got “dancified” by the likes of Carl Craig, UFO and Madlib.

First part contains a lot of Madlib, hence why I stuck him on the cover but there’s loads of goodness on this mix.

It’s not fad/fashion music, like a lot of dance music is, this is timeless stuff.

Part 2:

This one takes in more of a warm up, down-tempo lounge/cocktail feel to start off with before tailing off into some Vocal Swing & BeBop.

Nothin’ too rare or unknown here, most tracks ought to be familiar territory.

Tom Waits, Chet Baker, Harry Connick Jr, Sinatra, Nina Simone and Yusuf Lateef amongst others.

Some cool stuff on this!

Again, totally, timeless stuff that outlives fashion statements/fad music, some of which I’ve been pushing for the past few years, think it’s time to get back to this kinda stuff in my life!

Part 3:

I always did something slightly different each time I played there and this night I was feeling in a darker ECM Jazz mood.

It’s pretty deeep and dark!

Sorry no tracklist and a few of the tracks/sections do cross-over with my TrueForce mixtape, soz about that!

Expect ECM kind of stuff, Jan Garbarek, Bugge Wesseltoft and other stuff like  Cinematic Orchestra, Nina Simone amongst other material.

Part 4:

Ok I think this is the last one I can find, for now!!

I always tried to avoid playing obvious stuff cause it’s too easy to please in that way, this is not rare stuff but it’s not obvious either.

Good mood/vibe on this one, was on form this night.

Takes in Experimental, Jazz-Fusion, Be Bop and some Psychedelic Jazz too!

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