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It’s been quite long i follow this artist in soundcloud and i must say that each track she releases trap me for a coupple of plays .

Her music is a glitchy ambient landscape with reminiscences of Bjork. I really enjoy the collages of crazy sounds she creates. She is based in Montreal , but could work better  a location like Venus .

The latest release 1 september 2012 is under alphapuprecords and thheir Pr describes her like :
(Sorry for the copy paste but i’ts hard to descrive her for a Spanglish speaker)

Graciellita is an alias of a young pretty girl producer from Canada. Her name is Graciella and that’s a pretty straight-forward situation upon naming, she thinks, but suggests that she’d pay rather more attention to the creative process than naming. And that’s right – the music you hear is really authentic. “Creative” is the goal here.

Graciella works it all out by herself, which is pretty curious as well. IDM-ish percs, subtle layers, helium vox and quite complex arrangements – all this comes out of her little pretty head at once. Sometimes dark and twisted, sometimes thrilling and cold, sometimes simply shine, but always interesting and lush. Classic brain-spinning stuff.

She also drops some free tracks on her soundcloud :

Rellay worth listening all her works.





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