My bro’ Javier Estrada sent me this saying he loves it and I like it too 🙂

We know a lot of the Artists already on this label so no doubt they asked Javier to get it to me cause I don’t look at or answer my e-mails anymore lol!

All freeee!

Here’s what they say:

We are Finesse Records, a net label from Monterrey, MĂ©xico.

We don’t specialize in one genre, right now we work with 10 artists
that range from bass, trap to nu-disco, house and indie rock.

All of our releases are not for sale, feel free of distribute them!

The second release we are sending you (our seventh, you can check outthe other ones in is “Promises – Float” from Teen Flirt.

Teen Flirt

Producer and DJ David Oranday (a.k.a. Cheeks) gives honor to Bass
Music playing around with old R&B samples.

Synth-bathed sounds and white noised atmospheres are some of his weapons

Promises – Float EP

This EP plays around with different styles, a sea of remixes between
friends make a perfect and eclectic convination that gives you a whole
new perspective to independent electronic music itself.



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