We were one of the first to mention Tuki Bass back here in April 2011 on our Bassfest post and looky here what’s happening in this scene at the minute!!!

Apparently, it’s a genre that’s been developing in the Venezuelan slums since early 2000’s and many Venezuelans are calling it Venezuela’s first Electronic Dance genre born from the slums!

Would be interesting to find out a lot more about the background to how all of this started out and I guess we’ll find out when the full video is released this month for free.

Already, the Europeans are jumping on the bandwagon with the likes of Buraka Som Sistema, one of the first Europeans to jump on Angola’s Kuduro bandwagon, being the first in the queue.

I just wish they give the original Venezuelan Tuki Bass pioneers some room to breathe and allow it to develop before Westernizing it all and ruining the authentic flava’s before they are allowed to develop! I can guess Diplo will not be too far behind!

Best way to support the scene is to assist the up and coming producers rather than trying to stick your own name on it first!

Here’s what the video-makers say:

Creative agency MOSTRO CONTENIDOS in alliance with audiovisual collective ABSTRACTOR and animation studio DESIGN OR DIE present WHO WANTS TUKI? a short documentary about an electronic sound born in the slums of the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

To get an idea of the reach of this music phenomenon, one just has to go to Youtube and count the amount of views that related videos have today, adding up to millions.

The documentary portrays two of the most important producers of a movement born in the early 2000, as well as the testimonies of some of its signatures dancers. In addition, it shows the initiative of ABSTRACTOR collective to rescue and export the authenticity of a catchy rhythm that begins to count amongst its followers important producers and artist of the international electronic scene.

The full version of the documentary will be posted on September 2012 and it will be available online for free on YouTube and Vimeo.

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