Took a bit of a break from doing these but hopefully back to once a month again now.. A lot of great stuff has come out in the last few months so I am going to launch straight into it..



Some of the first footwork/juke influenced chip to be released and by Cheapshot no less on the newly formed Cheapbeats label! Using the gameboy advance program Nanoloop 2.3 he manages to pull some great FM sounds and that 160BPM energy really works with these sounds. To top it off there are two remixes by Footwork/Juke Producers Guchon and B.O.O.M.A .


Omri Suleiman

So this release is one of the best Chipmusic releases I have heard in years it is both highly authentic whilst sounding fresh and relevant today. From the UK Omri is an old school Amiga scene musician who has come back with this release.. “Music for a 15 year old me” .. The release is best experienced how it was intended which is on the microsite coded by Raquel Meyers and GotoAT (HERE) where you can also download the entire release. While listening just keep in mind that all the source files would fit on a Floppy Disk.. (more details on the release here).


Maddest Kings Alive

Another new track from Australia’s Maddest Kings Alive.. this time with some obvious trap references in amongst the Chip melodies.. it is another track added to what will be a very solid release when finished called Combat Magick. Available for pay what you want download now!



Loltvian skwønk super star Kodek has an absolute banger on this compilation released by Bulgarian Party Crew “WTF IS SWAG”. Pretty sure if swag is anything it might be this track.



This is a relativity new Russian Net Label that focuses on “chiptune, chipstep and skweee”. The latest release Transpolar Dub by Snork25 has a very early Cow’p or Quarta330 sound about it, it doesn’t do anything exceptional or out of the box but sometimes that is ok. All available for free download from their official website.



Well.. I now have a most anticipated Chip Bass release of 2012 contender. All these preview snippets are gold taking Stu’s amazing tracking skills and applying a wonky bass heavy swagger to them. Surely going to be Massive!!!



A totally new name on the scene and comes out with some of the most refreshingly relevant and beautiful sounding chipmusic ever. Kittenrock has actually stepped in and delivered consistently good releases recently in a pool of self released stuff or very niche labels like Ubiktune and Metrodub (and considering the big names for the scene Pause and 8bitpeoples have been dormant for sometime). This release is effectively fuzzed out and reverby gameboys set on a monochrome background.. Beautiful! MORE LIKE THIS PLEASE CHIP SCENE!





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