Everyone knows if you let a group of French people around some disco house its like throwing a rat in a bag of snakes, like a rabbit on red bull, like a gang of nuns in a strip club, utter chaos ensues.  Those were the images going through my head when I listened to this recent mix from ‘The Phantom’s Revenge’.  The selection is not just disco house its actually pretty diverse going from 80s RnB, to Flosstradamus, to classic house and all sorts of other things including random references to Huey Lewis and Phil Collins.  Overall though, it moves along very nicely and feels pretty groovy throughout.


This week I was also trolling about for TRAP stuff.  I found a million mixes all with almost identical playlists, this one from Lurk City in sunny Tampa is a cool little mix with a few tracks that were new to me.  Its not gonna change the world but if you’re looking for a few Trap gems check it out….


The last one here is probably the most interesting of the three mixes.  As I said above so many Trap mixes just feature the same 4 or 5 songs over and over.  This mix from my homie DJ Medison is a really smooth, melodic and pleasant take on the genre.  Perhaps Future Bass or Trillstep is a better description.  Either way this is a really nice mix, the type of stuff to make you wanna cuddle up with a warm glass of spiced cider.   And who dosen’t like Spiced Cider?!?!!!






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