DJ Derbastler took on the task of producing exquisite remixes of the Mama Disapora and Yuriy Gurhzy track “Too Late”. First with an Eastern Cumbia instrumental remix that chills me out. Then following the cumbia remix there are two variations of house and moombahton remixes, one with vocals and the other as an instrumental.

All in all these are dope remixes that get stuck in your brain, and will stick with you throughout the day. Therefore this is a trap I’m setting up – no not fucking trap music –  but a trap to help you if you have an annoying song stuck in your head just have a listen to one of these remixes and it will remove it by taking it’s place. This is a good thing for example if you have the annoying song “Angel Is A Centerfold” by the J. Guiles band (like I did all last week as it followed me from pool speakers to pool speakers) then this will work out well for you.

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