First time i heard Metastaz i was hitting the road straight to Marrakech. Geoffrey, the boss of Fresh Poulp Records (a Creative Commons netlabel specialized in dub music) was blasting the tracks on the car radio and i would keep asking « Putain c’est quoi ce truc de ouf ? ».

You can imagine the atmosphere, white heat, fast driving, endless sandscape and loud basslines.

So it’s time for me i shared a bit of that moment of pleasure, and the moment is right as French producer Thomas Simoes – the man nicknamed Metastaz – has just released a prev. of his last track.

Huge, symphonic, heavy, loud, just great.

Hashashin (Ft. Miscellaneous) by Metastaz


Metastaz Orient Dub Express album is available for free on his bandcamp page. So listen, download, play it loud !

Special attention goes to Orient Folk and Snakes on that album. Huge tracks !

Orient Dub Express (Album) by Metastaz


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