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One of my favorite aspects of writing this blog for me is the payment I receive. The payment comes in different forms, sometimes it’s by someone providing me awesome new art to use as the image for the post, a lot of the time it’s a free album but the payment I love most is when someone thanks me for choosing great music they can download for their live gigs. And this form of currency has a value that can’t be measured.

I also enjoy the scene tremendously. As I get older I often find myself to tire faster than I did when I was younger. I’m only in my early thirties at this point but I must admit I can’t “hang” like I used to. Don’t get me wrong I still pack a punch but I just use that punch more sparingly these days. I think back to over fifteen years ago when I was crazier, filled with energy and angst. I remember the time when I broke three teeth (which cost me a fortune to fix shortly after) at a NOFX concert. I remember back to crowd surfing at a NIN concert with steel-toed Grinders combat boots. I also remember being punched so hard in my stomach that I threw up at a Bad Religion concert. These are good memories mind you even though they sound horrific. I had such energy when I used to illustrate my own ripped up tee-shirts with “Fuck the U.N.” and “Kill Hippies” written on them. I’ll take it easier on the hippies these days (except the smell really gives me a bad headache) but still I strongly agree with fuck the U.N. Who would have thought my policies of anarchy would still be with me today.

My past and current life strongly is connected to the nu cumbia scene too. That’s most likely why I’m drawn to the genre. These guys in the nu cumbia scene are also heavily into political and social causes and ideas. I’m now and have been for some time a member of this scene too. What also makes me proud of this scene is that most of us don’t need money or the top of the line equipment to produce. Many of the other genres promote how “bad ass” they are and upload pictures of all their “cool toys” they use to produce and perform. We don’t need that junk for nu cumbia. We only need passion, a message, a good sense of a good time, and a strong desire to share with one another what we make.

I am proud of all these aspects of the nu cumbia culture. I can still feel young and energized here like before. And one thing I really try to express is even if you don’t agree with my views I want you to share yours openly. We don’t have to agree except only on one point, we have to agree on allowing each of us to be open and express ourselves without any inhibition or fear. All views are welcome.

One producer in particular that expresses his personal views and message openly is Kuto Quilla Selektah. He mashed up Rage Against The Machine with his own voice in the scene.

There’s fun here in this scene too. There’s a lot of experimentation that goes on. Really as I’ve stated in past posts there’s nowhere nu cumbia can’t go. The sky is not even the limit with us.

DJ Neber’s work is a prime example of experimentation. He fuses hip hop beats, turntable scratching techniques and cumbia into some of the best tracks out there.

On the 12th of October a historical moment will occur. Dengue Dengue Dengue! will release their debut album “LA ALIANZA PROFANA.” This duo has grown to be one of, if not the hottest nu cumbia acts out there. Not only are they innovative and interesting but they’re quite humble too. This video shows the dedication they get from their true fan base, how innovative their sound is, how innovative their show is and how great they are all around.

Dengue Dengue Dengue! presenta su album debut “LA ALIANZA PROFANA” – Oct 12 from Rafael Pereira on Vimeo.

This next one is an awesome new track from Waxuma. It’s a dope fusion of raga rhythms with electronic sounds and Latin bass. It’s not quite cumbia but it share it’s roots there.

The next three tracks come from Dj Rickk over here in the States. He has a lot of cool unconventional cumbia edits and mashups spanning several different genres. Here is a taste of three different cuts that showcase what he’s capable of.

Mexico and Argentina can unite and it’s proven with DJ Pase and Albert DJ Style. Here is a mashup of cumbia cultures produced by DJ Pase and Albert DJ Style.

Oye!Simpson has joined us in the cumbia world which is a wonderful pleasure for us. I welcome him with open arms. Here is his first cumbia edit to be featured here on Sexxy Saturday Cumbia.

We all love Den5hion the last time I checked. He is one of the younger geniuses in electronic music that is far superior than most of the famous producers/DJ’s in the media. He will get his due in time. Recently he just started his first residency in Mexcali. I’m going to go down there as soon as I can to check it out sometime in the coming weeks.

Here Den5hion shares an older production by him with a link to download the accordion sample.

We needed a “Welcome To Jamrock” cumbia edit and thanks to Yelram Selectah we have a really dope one. Many have touched this tune but few have turned it out into something as good as this.

DJ Chakruna always promotes his chicha roots in the coolest of ways. I love his style of editing. He reminds me of the way DJ Neber does it with his roots. Here we have an incredible edit of Los Destellos courtesy of DJ Chakruna, may he never stop.

I haven’t posted anything from Coya Boyz in quite some time. Fortunately the uploaded this live footage of them on their recent 2012 tour.

Okay so this next one isn’t cumbia except in name only. But it has Latin rhythms and much love behind it. Featuring aspects of moombah and Samba and an old recording close to Andres Digital’s heart.

Mr Jags shares with us a dope rhythmic piece he produced recently called “Sonidero Jags.” I personally see this fitting well as an awesome transition.

I can’t seem to get enough of Tu Guaina’s productions. I happily showcase his art on this blog but his tracks are equally as good. I love the trip this track takes me on.

Club De Baile CD´M is super active during the week on the various Facebook groups including mine, Nu Cumbia Experience. He’s always sharing his new tracks and commenting on many other producers’. Here is his new party in sound form.

This next one is straight up cumbia for the mind trip. El Mulato messes with our heads with all the delay and muffled bass.

Jack Posada said he wanted to throw some cumbia into a live Latin house set he was performing. And this is what he came up with. A quick fix maybe but sometimes as we see here, quick work can have surprisingly good results.

I can’t believe that this new one from Al Pacheco hasn’t received more plays since he uploaded it a week ago. Well I love it and will bring it to justice here on SSC this weekend.

I wrote a special post earlier this week for Derbastler’s new remix EP of Mama Diaspora and Yuriy Gurzhy’s “Too Late.” This is the excellent cumbia instrumental remix perfectly suited for this post.

I’m going to end this post with a very fun one from Enrikisimo Deejay. “Baticumbia” is the all too perfect title of this new one. Have fun partying to this one.

I hope these tracks I selected will be of much use to many of you. It is my goal to expose the best I can find here. I listen all week long and keep my eyes and ears peeled for the best.

Keep fighting but most importantly keep loving.


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