We’ve trawled through some of my back ctalogue of mixes including Arabia 1 & 2 & Jazz  in the past few weeks and so now it’s time for the Eastern chilled stuff!


This one goes back to 2002 of mainly chilled grooves from Asia/India!

Heavily influenced by the main lounge dudes at the time, Buddha Bar dj’s Claude Challe & Ravin and also the UK’s very own Pathaan, aka Bowie’s fave dj.

I used a lot of this mix as a soundtrack to my sister’s very coool wedding video and so, so, so  many people asked for it, it was unbelievable!


So sorry, Volume 2 could not be resurrected 🙁 as the CD was unreadable!


This one also goes back to 2002 but is more up-tempo and some of you might already have this one cause I did post it about a year ago.

Heavily influenced by the Asian Underground & Talvin Singh’s Anokha!


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