I did say a few years back that I felt some great potential about this band, Nova and I was ridiculed for it. But you know me, I ain’t ever wrong, even when I’m wrong, I’m still right 🙂

Nova graced GB back in October 2009 HERE and I was supa-excited about this band back then.  I even mentioned the ridicule/hate back HERE! 

Then they released their debut album, 7 Billion Miles HERE!

Now, it seems people are finally catching on and I’m so pleased about this cause in Jack Maltby, Nova have the next big bad boy ROCKSTAR! He is gonna be the Joe Strummer/Johnny Rotten of this generation, just mark my words and watch this space!

Dubstep needed PUNK and it got it…I can’t wait to see how this evolves…the time is now right…Dubstep is a rock concert but is missing a rock band and that rock band is arriving…N.O.V.A.!

These boys are gonna be BIG & I can’t wait for it!

“Today’s most revolutionary band” RADIO ONE
“Dubstep has a new heavy-weight” TIME OUT
“The modern-day Sex Pistols” GENERATION BASS
“Domestic terrorism” THE METROPOLITAN POLICE

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