Ma’ dude Heartbreak just completed his first Dubstep track and it’s a stormer.

Had it been released back in or about 2009/2010, u can bet it would have been played by everybody and his dog when Dubstep was all the rage. But we are now in 2012 and this kinda stuff ain’t my cuppa as much anymore and he already knows that I find the high-pitched vox a lil’ annoying, lol.

If I loved everything he ever did, then I would be lying and he knows I try not to do that.

But it is Heartbreak and for his first Dubstep track, it’s a lot better than a lot of the dubstep tracks being put out atm and so big upz to him AND a lot of YOU are going to love this track and so don’t let my hipster ways discourage you!

If you’re still dropping the heavy brostep/popstep/luvstep into your sets, then YOU NEED THIS!

He says:

Im under the radar, but above the clouds!!! Cloud 9

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