It’s not very often that a Kuduro Acapella drops on your lap and so be very grateful and get on to doing something with this cause these moments are rare and ought to be savoured.

Thanks to Ben from Akwaaba for sorting this and here’s what he says:

Maskarado is a familiar name for anybody paying attention to Angolan house and kuduro. He’s the go-to MC for many of the best crossover kuduro-house tracks out there – starting with the massive Angolan hit Elegom Bounsa, produced byDJ Djeff, unavoidable Angolan afrohouse artist whom we had the pleasure of releasing a couple of years ago. Monami is only the latest in a string of Luandan hits propelling Maskardo to the helm of Angolan music. Monami pay attention.

We won’t call this one a remix contest, instead we want to shift towards a permanent musical lab: we will regularly post stems, vocals, instrumental parts, drum loops, for you to work with. All creative commons, you can do anything you like with it, as long as it’s not commercial. If you do have commercial endeavors, then contact us and let’s work it out. If it sounds good we’ll probably want to release it!

If you’re not familiar with Maskarado, check him out here and here. We are sharing his acapella, which you can download right here. BPM is 125, go crazy!


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