There is something to be said for a great name, even if you cant pronounce or understand it, a great collection of letters will often stick out or remain in one’s memory.  Take standouts like ‘SCHLACHTHOFBRONX’, or ‘OFWGKTA’ or even ‘D’BANJ’ for that matter.  This was the case for NGUZUNGUZU with me, and truly it was the name that I liked the best when I first heard their ‘Nguzunguzu EP’.  A collection of original tracks, I thought it was a cool EP but nothing I would drop in my DJ sets.  Nonetheless it was interesting and I certainly remembered the name.  Well I just came across this DJ mix they did for SSENCE and I am seriously impressed.  It’s good tropical stuff at the start but gets really deep at one point, like turn the lights off in your room lie down on the floor and just listen.  Then these MF’ers drop in some classic RnB (Jagged Edge!) joints and somehow really make it work.  This mix gets an A+ for creativity.  Enjoy it, lights off…..


The next mix I was sent from a DC/MD DJ called “Teknacolorninja”, this is a truly great mix!  I would definitely put a lot of these tunes in the “Future Bass” bucket but still with a healthy dose of Tropical riddims and self described “flirtyness”.   Really fresh and interesting selections, great mix.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from this sis with a twist!


Last but not least (this was a good week) is a well rounded heavy collabo mix from Stockholm veterans Panik Disco and 2 woman crew SNAFU.   Its a heavy Tropical mix with some more Moombah and Dubstep sounds and a nice mix of bigger hits and hidden gems.  Its always cool to see two crews collaborating on one mix and especially when the result is as seamless as this one, well done Swedes!!!  Oh and I really dug the suavemente remix, that one is new to me… #ADD

…and in case you were wondering a “Nguzu Nguzu” is apparently some sort of melanesian boat ornament, baaaa-zing!




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