Civilizations come and go but none last forever. They say with much evidence that disco was a major reason for the downfall of the Soviet Union. And I believe them. Dancing and moving to music is innate in each one of us. It is one of the most powerful human instincts. A constant reminder that we are free no matter who is in charge saying otherwise. It is our nature uncontrollably reminding us of our freedom.

I remember an episode of a silly cartoon Americans might know “Metalocalypse.” The brutal death metal band enter an elevator with disco playing over the speakers and they can’t resist their temptations to move. It’s one of the most hilarious scenes I’ve ever seen.

Now with the hot months coming to an end up north we are soon going to be retreating indoors to party while the south strips down and goes outside. But we’ll both be sweating on the dance floors moving to the beats and bass lines as true liberals would. Down south comes the perfect mix to get things started courtesy DJ Whitney Weiss.

Heating up the Buenos Aires club scene, Whitney Weiss mixes the funkiest under ground disco house and soul music flawlessly. She is resident DJ at the highly acclaimed underground night at Dengue Dancing and resident DJ at members only Oasis Clubhouse. Her career has not been limited to Buenos Aires though. She has toured and had residencies all over the globe including Europe and the States.

I asked her if she would be willing to put together an exclusive mix for Generation Bass to which she answered with a seriously dope, sick, astounding, and magnificent mix. I am honored to be her friend and hope to share more from her throughout the years.

DJ Whitney Weiss

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