As you know, we’ve trawled through some of my back catalogue of mixtapes including Arabia 1 & 2 & Jazz  and Eastern chilled stuff in the past few weeks and here’s another, Transnational Dub Sessions!

Stumbled across this one, which goes back to 2004. Originally, called it Dub Sessions but when I listened to it, it could have easily have been a precursor to Transnational Dubstep but inna more dubby stylee, hence I decided to rename it Transnational Dub Sessions.

A couple of the tracks cross-over with the Arabia Chilled mix but I did this Dub Sessions one first and then must have decided to re-use some tracks for the latter one.

I think this sounds awesome!

Goes to show that the concept of “Transnational” in music is not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination!  I never claimed it was and this 2004 mix provides some support that the idea had been fermenting in my mind since in or about 2004, if not even earlier and was resurrected in 2009 to even more brilliant effect with the Calling Mixtapes.

Of course the idea was around before I was even born!

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