Why can’t I grow tired of nu cumbia? I never thought that I could be writing this long about a genre of music and not tire of it. My longevity and constant interest surprises me. All week I hear the newest tracks from all over the world and I never tire. I do think I know the answer. I’ve touched on it many times before. It’s such a diverse genre making it difficult for me to classify nu cumbia as a genre at all.

It moves innovatively into the future while still often revisits the roots. I do not see an end in sight. Especially with these tracks I’m sharing this week.

A truly present surprise for me was the new Camanchaca album “Digitalísimo Bailable.” I blogged about them earlier in the week on my NCE blog but I’ll revisit the album right here. The best part is it’s a free download.

Randy Salazar Jr. put together an excellent little mix featuring some of the best nu cumbia out there. A few of the tracks were featured on SSC before.

Oye! Simpson is out of San Diego and lately he has been sharing some of his dope tracks with me. I have a couple here to share with you.

First up is a cumbia-dub edit of Eek-A-Mouse.

This one is really deep. It’s a spacey cumbia-dub edit of “Teebs – You’ve Changed.”

DASH Slktr returns with something really unique. Teamed up with his friend DJ Karim he remixed Argentine group Sonido Guay Ñeñe’s song “Oye Mi Negra” into a deep cumbia vibe.

A really dope new track from El Mayonesa was just released along with the official video. The EP is free for downloading too with the original track, a remix, and instrumental version and an acapella. It’s a fun video and a sick tune.

Andean Illicit continues to spread his creative wings with a new edit into a “cumbia-tech” style.

eSmink tore it up this week with his cumbia-trap edit of Munchi’s “Bouncing Harbor” remix proving to me that cumbia-trap isn’t an awful idea after all.

The world perhaps but especially the United States has been taken over by Gangnam Style! It’s impossible to escape this Korean fever here. It’s just the latest Internet virus which has reached a record for most liked YouTube video destroying LMFAO’s record. I personally love it for one specific reason. It’s like nailing the coffin shut on the music industry showing we don’t need them anymore. Their marketing skills are ancient and have no place in modern society. It’s funny when they attempt to create viral videos. So on that note I’m all for it.

Cumbia Drive seems to enjoy the trend too with this awesome cumbia edit.

And keeping with inescapable trends – I even succumbed strongly to this one – Cumbia Drive dominates with and Angry Birds theme cumbia edit!

More innovation comes from the Pa Changa collective with this awesome Robert Miles edit by Orihuela.

Slowing things down now with an intoxicating rebajada–glitch edit by Manuel Olvera of “Pajaro Zinzontle.”

DJ Neber is one of my regulars here these days because he keeps coming out with new hip-hop cumbia edits of classic tunes that are really awesome. Here is his latest of “Arroz Con Coco.”

Nu cumbia even has representation in Boston with Dudley Disco at the helm. He took this dope Maluca song “El Tigeraso” and made it into a high energy cumbia.

One of the best young talents today is DJ Broken Record. Not only his is Cumbiahtonical 1 and Cumbiahtonical 2 brilliant but also his moombahton is top notch and possibly my favorite in that scene. When he lends his skills to cumbiahton it is perfection.

One last bit before I go. Captain Cumbia and his “nemesis” Pedrolito have started another Cumbia Scream Contest. This time it’s a cumbia video mashup contest. Anyone interested please check out the guidelines and instructions via their Facebook page Cumbia Scream Contest.

That sums it up for me this week. I hope you really dig these tracks here and download at will.


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