This is why we ♥ Munchi..the dude is 4 faker like a lot of fakers….He embodies what we at Generation Bass are all about, we don’t play by the rules, we don’t play the Industry game and we don’t dickride anybody!!!  Generation Bass’er 4 life!

This is atomic PUNK!

“Tell your camp the deal is off I don’t want your fucking $25.000. Fuck off. Go be a puppet bitch to someone else.” Later, he continued his anti-music business rant and called out Banks for “bitch behaviour.”

“Industry thinks its alright to be like this and f*** people over. Everyone takes it in the ass and take their apology money. F*** off. If you want to be a lil bitch to fit the mold to get in this game go ahead – that person will NEVER be me”

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