I dont know if anyone out there knows but around the year 2000-2001 there was a small 2-step/UK garage scene here in NYC.  I used to roll out to all these parties with a group of funky Sudanese kids.  Our favorite DJ was the homie Sean B, who used to go over to London and collect all these 2-step records and bring em back to drop on us.  This mix here from Berlin rocker Sarah Farina really brought me back to that time.  It’s obviously more current with elements of Future Bass and Funky House but really the soulful, bouncy vibe of that 2-Step/UK Garage that took me back.  Fantastic, sexy, soulful and groovy set, can we get a DL somewhere???

Mix for Radio Fritz | 08.08.2012 by ♕Sarah Farina♕ on Mixcloud

The next mix I just came across is from London heavy hitter DJ Zinc.  Zinc’s signature bass sound speaks volumes without using a word.   This mix is somewhere between Funky House, Dubstep and full on Rave, it’s heavy and funky and fresh!!  Just plug in your headphones and prepare to move..


The last mix is one of my own…  Why not!  I’m a DJ, I got tracks.  Its a mix I made a few weeks ago, playing around with a lot of Moombahton, and Trap.  This was the first time I experimented with Trap stuff but its a good mix, theres also a few tropical and 3ball tracks in there, no party is complete without pointy boots.   Check it!!!



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