After an exhausting week playing my recurring role as contrarian (due to my nature of simply questioning everything and thinking deeply while keeping an open mind for change) in the political community, I honestly must say it’s nice to wind up here composing a post about my favorite modern music. For me it is a perfect way to finish up the week, especially knowing that while maybe being somewhat politically a contrarian here, musically I am among intelligent friends.

Regardless of my contrarian views supporting the belief that free will doesn’t exist, atheism, anarchy, the categorical imperative philosophy and for evolution (yes the belief in evolution is still a minority stance here in the States where around 45% of the people believe the Earth is less than 6000 years old. This is what I’m dealing with folks), here I’m able to share music with little to no opposition to my choices. This to me is a blessing in the highest regard.

Like previous week’s, this one has really been filled with excellent and exciting new uploads from the various cumbieros around our globe.

To start things off with intensity here is Add on de Bass’ new cumbiambass (cumbia-dnb) remix of Mala Copa. Featuring the staple Add on de Bass style.

There has been a recent invasion I must bring awareness too. The feared Reptilians have chosen to manifest their species in the nu cumbia scene. Reptilian Commander has been coming on the scene recently with some really interesting tracks.

Here is the Commander’s invasion of Tu Guaina’s song Cumbia Del Carillo.

Another invasion of sorts is the invasion of cumbia into Queen classics. I found this gaita edit of Bohemian Rhapsody recently much to my enjoyment. It is by Richarzord.

But the invasion doesn’t stop there. This one out of pure coincidence is an awesome edit by DJ Neber of Another On Bites The Dust.

I could leave it here with good faith that I fulfilled my dear reader’s satisfaction. But I won’t. Instead I will continue with a lot more brilliance.

Recently Bigote offered up his Mapuche track for anyone to come and remix. The first that I’m aware of to accept this offer is Mr. Jags. Taking it to a deep place Mr. Jags delivers a wonderful remix.

Tu Guaina upon conversation with him reveals that he loves to lose himself into his productions. That explains his bizarre but brilliant work. When he told me he was going to use The Spice Girls in his latest track I did not imagine this would be the result at all.

Not only to show off Tu Guaina’s diversity in productions but also because I love it, this next track is an excellent remix of Oye!Simpson’s Coyote.

Albert DJ Style is someone I can trust to consistently upload excellent tracks that I can use in sets or just to kick back and enjoy listening to.

Colombian Free Mix showcases excellent remixing skills. The accordion is intense in this one.

Balkan dopeness mixed with dubstep, moombah and cumbia comes in the form of Tirana Caravana’s latest.

Recently my good friend Juan Pachanga released his new EP on KONN Recordings. It’s rather roughly titled Dinosaurs Needs Cumbia. It is really excellent featuring crazy remixes. I can’t wait to hear his other soon to be released EP.

Oriihuela brought his personal touch the song we simply can’t seem to grow tired of “Pumped Up Kicks.” Sarcasm aside his edit is really actually very good.

Andrés Digital has been on the scene for quite some time. We are all familiar with his rate of success. This is the latest edition to his excellent portfolio.

Recently I have become acquainted with Yyamil and his work. He has a certain chilled foggy minded feel to his work. That’s the best way at the moment for me to describe using the English language what his tracks sound like. I find I must have them speak for themselves.

I can’t put my finger on why I love this but I just do. This guilty pleasure of mine is from Sonido Bestial.

This is exciting news for the nu cumbia scene. A new album is coming from this sure to be awesome and well received duo. Their name is DJ Mateo and Jazzy Yessand this is their new single Boy Toy from their upcoming release Lamiendo tu Cumbia.

OGT really did it with this incredible edit of Selena making an incredible tribute. I expect a ridiculous amount of downloads for this track in the coming weeks.

Just in time for this post, Soberbio Music finished up their new collection of Dinamita. It’s an incredible tribute to La Sonora Dinamita! Featuring hard hitters like DJ Neber, 420 Music Flavor, Javier Estrada, Enrikisimo DJ, Albert DJ Style, Mezcal Sound System among many more!

It’s too dope!

That last La Sonora Dinamita sends chills down my spine! I’m lucky to be able to do what I do here!

Peace mis cumbieros!

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