Deeep Respect for Mutamassik, been into her for a number of years now.

Not easy to listen to this kinda stuff, very experimental, industrial, dark, edgy BUT Arabic influenced!!!

She kinda carries on from where MuslimGauze left off so many years ago, his true successor but with her own stamp on it and a unique ID!

The album was released August just gone, haven’t heard it yet, waiting for a copy 🙂

But here’s a vid in the meantime.

From Mutamassik’s vinyl LP, “Rekkez” released August 25, 2012 on ini itu records:

All instruments (drums, percussion, cello, turntables, keys) and track performed, produced, engineered by Mutamassik for Sa’aidi Hardcore Productions at G.G.S.S./Rocca AlMileda Studios.

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