One of the most original dub artists around, Celt Islam is so far ahead into the future that after more than 6 years most people still have not caught up with his sound or are too frightened to check him out.

Here’s a great freebie mix he just let loose, grab it cause he doesn’t do this often:

1. Intro By Uk Apache Cordite By Celt Islam Feat Gd Protocol And Danman.
By Celt Islam

2. Mass Spectrometer By Celt Islam
By Celt Islam

3. Illumination By Celt Islam Feat Dbo General { The Arsonist } And Inder Goldfinger
By Celt Islam

He also now runs his own record label, Earth City Recordz and they released a compilation recently of really good leftfield dub stuff and so check that out too:

Here’s what they say:

Earth City Recordz proudly presents ” FuTuRe SoUnD Of ThE UnDeRGrOuNd ” this 1st of many compilations featuring some amazing artists from around the globe.

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