ARTWORK by Steve Ohh

You had Volume 1 for free last week and now get ready for Volume 2 next week!

Generation Bass presents: Arehouse – Puzzle Piece EP

A new assault in the ongoing battles to break Moombahton domination is the free series we will be presenting on the Generation Bass platform. This series will be free. Free as in sharing, not as in beer. Free as in inspiration and giving young and hardworking artists that need to be heard a voice.

Ryan Howze has been gracing us with his tracks and remixes under the Arehouse guise for quite some time now. He has crafted his own sound which is not leaning on effects or impact of sound as much as on melody and the craft of writing a good tune. The title track “Puzzle Piece” is a deep excursion into moombahluv territory, with lush strings and melancholic piano chords at the heart of the tune. The trap-ish hihats and snares give this a really forward thinking feel, but the moombah beat keeps everything focused on the dance floor as well. “When You’re Gone” aims at similar emotions, but adds some treated vocal samples and heavy duty percussion to the mix. For some reason this joint feels more like a deep hiphop cut than anything related to Afrojack and the Dutch House sound. And yes, that’s a good thing.

The half tempo stomp in the middle of “Greece” again takes us back to the new wave of TRAP, currently booming all over the web. But the classic Moombah elements keep it grounded in a modern dance style. The last of these four awesome cuts, “Are You Ready” ventures more into chip tune, with its evil SID melody line and crushed samples. Again heavy and dense production with a bunch of percussive elements, created from vocal samples. Deep stuff! Arehouse keeps Moombahton lovers on the floor without making any compromise to his personal, detailed style and melodic touch!

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