With the recent research I’ve been undertaking at my desk this past week I have found a frightening truth behind genetics. Up until now the sharing of genes were only known to happen in controlled environments by breeders and geneticists, but now I’ve come to a solid impossible to deny conclusion that there is another way. Soundborne (a new word I took the liberty of making up in order to define the process)! That is correct, at first I thought it was a virus but no it actually is a gene (because it’s better for my title “The Cumbia Gene,” virus sounds scary).

I ignored the more traditional ways of scientific method and came to my conclusion by deciding the outcome the way I thought it should be. Of course a geneticist will say there are genes in us that make us more musically inclined, but I found that it goes deeper than that. Soundborne genes have immediate effect in organisms once they reach the organism by way of sound. This explains why digital cumbia has become so popular in Northern Europe in such a short amount of time! And also why I am the international curator for it! I have no trace of Latin American blood in my system (yep my European ancestors didn’t rape anybody). So how did it come about that I would be in this position? Curiosity? Love of music? Nope! While they may have helped the soundborne gene to enter me (via my earholes and eyeholes), they did not actually change me into the cumbia head I am today.

Soundborne genes are among us. So be careful not to allow for the Pitbull soundborne gene to enter you. The South Korean Gangnam gene already engineers us all genetically, so it’s pointless to warn against that one.

Have you had enough of that nonsense and are ready for the cumbia? Then you’ve come to the correct paragraph. Tribilin Sound is among the popular Peruvian cumbia kids today. He has yet to disappoint me with his tunes and I expect a long cumbiero life for him.

October 5th was the official release date for Copia Doble Systema’s new EP Suelta La Voz. Featuring vocals by Pepita and remixes from trusted greats Javier Estrada and Thornato. Along with a couple of guys new to me, Joelito and Maffi.

It’s that time of year again where I act the fool by getting too excited by the ONLY holiday I care about – Halloween. I know it’s ridiculous but so am I so it just works out. Of course by the 31st I’m completely tired of it but it’s more about the season. I love horror and dark humor. I enjoy mocking death since it haunts most people’s entire lives. It’s my own way of vengeance I guess. And now with this time of year comes the annual Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Sexxy Halloween Edition. For it’s second year I’ve recently made a call out to whoever wishes to submit cumbia/tropical bass related tracks. I worked on this video and song (some would say too hard, I being one of them that would say that) as a promo for the Halloween post. Watch it and send your tracks to me. It’s best if the latest you can give them to me is the 26th of October. Also if you want to keep your tracks private until then it might be better for the post but of course that’s entirely up to you. Send your tracks to me via Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/john-newell, or Facebook or email ambient [email protected]

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia Halloween Year 2 from John Newell on Vimeo.

El Timbe chose to label his new awesome remix of Bigote’s “Toma Perreo” as “Bigoton”. A perfect name if you ask me you perfect name askers out there.

Side project of Jose Antonio Cuadrelli of Alto Peru, El Lobby Sound has made a heavy delay infused edit bringing El Humo de mi Fasito into the nu cumbia universe.

No one can stop DJ Neber from putting out dope tracks all week long. It’s hard to keep up with him. I wish from time to time that I wouldn’t care for one, but that hasn’t happened yet. Now he took on Dr. Dre! What am I to do?

Gux Swadharma has officially produced the best “La Zenaida” edit of all time! It’s high-energy perfection.

3ball’s evolution has come to an interesting place these past few months. Incorporating more melodic aspects proves the 3ball movement isn’t going to be as short-lived as some people thought. It still hasn’t taken the world by storm but it has become very popular in my neighborhood. I can turn on the radio to a top-40 station and hear it these days. It slowly is moving north but still hasn’t mad the impact down south as much as I’d like it too. Go to Monterrey, Chihuahua, Mexicali, Tijuana, Tucson, Phoenix, and San Diego and you can hear it at clubs and on the radio. So far not much impact north of us and south of Monterrey but we shall see. I think it will be much larger soon and by then we’ll be tired of it. So it goes.

To prove the amazing evolutionary positioning of 3ball here is DJ Broken Record’s massive edit of Rome’s “We Who Fell In Love With The Sea.” (My favorite track of the week by the way).

Furthermore here is Mr. Kanti W’s sense of humor at work.

DJ Pase is growing in popularity in the nu cumbia movement these days. He produced this really moody rebajada edit showing off his skills with delay manipulation.

Colombian Free Mix shared this crazy edit recently. I think it flows rather nicely after the last track.

Keeping with awesome and interesting edits, here is another really dope one by Oye Beto.

Also since we are at a chill point in this post, it would only be perfect to have a rebajada mix. Hmm where could I get one…? I know! I can revisit a mix made by Kinky Electric Noise. It was already posted on GB but here it fits rather perfectly.

This post keeps getting better as we move onto El Mulato’s new edit “La Vaca.” More delay for the delay lovers out there (I am one of them).

Jack Posada is the man. Representing the Colombian rooted sounds in Australia these days, he keeps very busy producing and playing out live. Here is his crazy “marimba bass” remix of Marimba Orquesta Gallito’s “Ritmo y Palmeras.” Thanks for the education my friend.

Pimenton will soon get a solo post from me. I’ve visited their tracks in the past. But I want to get people aware of them more. They are an awesome experimental band in Buenos Aires if you haven’t heard them. Here you go.

Club De Baile CD´M is a mad doctor when it comes to his work. His edits and mashups are unique and are growing in popularity. I think he keeps getting better.

Güirogüero is a three-track mind-funk of an EP from Armoniacida. His insane sound consists of dubstep, noise, cumbia, and IDM (not EDM kids!) creating a ball of awesome creativity.

I couldn’t resist posting another new track by Reptilian Commander! Everything he touches turns to golden dopeness. This time again he invades Tu Guaina.

Lima, Peru has the cumbia gene shared in every which way, soundborne, earborne, tongueborne and most definitely sexborne! Andean Illicit provides the genetic transfusion with his latest track.

Before I end this thing I wish to share with you my friends Dialect Trio’s new EP B’alam. You choose your price and you’ll get the original track along with two remixes from A Hypothetical Circus and Piper Street Sound. Also you get all the stems to use at will.

It’s a nice little EP featuring mad guitar playing by Russ Bledsoe.

Last up to end things of a dub vibe, is the new cumbia dub by Dialect Trio’s bass player Matthew Mansfield. It’s a good way to send you off with good vibes.

If you’ve read this far into the post then you definitely have been genetically engineered with the cumbia gene. It’s all good from now on.


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