Step by Step, new sounds are coming up to Neo Baile funk. Even with the old generation of producers, even with new guys who is discovering the scene to make some new sounds or experimentations. At first, let see the produce of Chuck UpBeat, a russian who create a amazing and fucking crazy neo funk track.

Dam, what is this sound? Big synths of eletronic music sampled as baile funk track. Maybe you are thinking: and where is the tamborzão of baile funk?’ heheh here is:

GREAT. I’m just wondering why the big indio? 🙂 The few indios we have in Brazil is here.


João Brazil, the amazing producer of 365 mashups in one year, is now producing. Tropical Britania is a Ep mixing a kinf of brazilian and english sound, resulting in 5 tracks. Each track has a sonoroty and each track has a different influence. Special attention to Dadinho.

The Full album you can grab here because the 100 free download finished at the same week of release.

The mashuper of South of Brazil, Funk Zomba, made some great new hits, mixing funk with pop music (as psy) and other musics of popular knowlege


Another big production to neo funk scnene is Orkut, another favela trap, produced by André Paste (another great mashuper in Brazil). Something important to say is: Tracks like that, Orkut, is very important to show the new direction of style, but brazilian and funkeiros don’t give a shit to this. Sometimes, they even can understant the concept of track like that.


There is a special way to play funk in favelas of Rio de Janeiro, is the ‘aquecimento’ a kind of a live playing, where dj/producer will playing and creating the music in real time with help of touch pad as MPC or TriFinger. There is no new this, but there is new when a producer of neo funk made it (as our friend Comrade did). Here is another great video of Aquecimento from Jhonny Ice

And to finish this post, let’s hear some good stuff of funk and neo funk in recorded sets:

Corrupted Bass created a great set mixing tropical sound with neo funk.

Funk Bonito is the new tendence of funk carioca. Mixing a kind of pop synth in the tracks, the funkeiros of Rio is changing the way to producer their music. Let’s see the strength of this movement. The producer responsible of this movementis Dj Woody.

Dj Sany Pitbull was arranging your resident and found a lot of vinil of starting of funk carioca. Great and very exclusive musics is in this set. Tracks that you will not found at internet and others vignetes of Equipes de Som of Rio de Janeiro (sound system team). A very nice set to hear and learn more about funk culture and your history.

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