Cloud diggin’…

Is like exploring a treasure island accompanied by a bunch of girls wearing bikinis.

Is defintely to me the nicest part of a Dj’s job – even more than clubbing – though i love to see your booties shaking onto my mixes.


Let’s start first with Lapalux. The man has released a few great tracks recently, insanely beautiful. Listening to them i’m pretty much sure you’ll feel like a seahorse carried by a sea of love.


Lapalux – Forgetting And Learning Again ft. Kerry Leatham


Lapalux – The Hours

The two tracks are free to download from his bandcamp page so enjoy high quality free music. And if you’re a vinyl collector just wait for the release on Oct. 16th on the label Brainfeeder !

He has also worked on a remix for Aluna George which will be available on their album on Oct. 15th.


You Know You Like It (Lapalux’s Bass Ballad Remix)


Aluna George (Aluna Francis X George Reid) – Your drums, your love


If you actually like Aluna George, know that two tracks are available for free on their website. Subscribing to their newsletter will get you access to a nice rererub of You know you like it and a special remix of Lana Del Rey.


Seapunk is not dead !!! Check that track from South African Simon de la Rouviere – the man nicknamed Simon Segfault  -, who actually remixed his own track to feed it with some good waverave !


Simon Segfault – Song for the Sun (waverave remix)


Simon Segfault – Our Sound

Nice chillout waves for your ears !


Alex et les Japonaises is a Belgian Japanese band playing a blend punkish tropical music, something really enjoyable. Released last year on Vlad Productions (the label of Boris Viande – great balkan party maker, composer and trumpet player) that track is on the album OJAMASHIMASU meaning “Hello” or “Sorry to bother you.”


Alek et les Japonaises – Tarjeta de fidelizacion



We’re strong supporters of Meneo on Generation Bass ! The man has this insane way of mixing 8-bit music and tropical flavor. He has recently released a few new tracks that are definitely worth checking !


Meneo – Vamo A Ve


Meneo – Eras tu

This track is part of Larele EP released on Subterfuge.


It’s not the first time we talk about Dragao Style on GenBass. And it’s worth talking again about the man. He’s recently come up with this uplifting rave-moombahstep tune that’ll certainly end up in your crates !!


Dragao Style – MOTOR DRAGÓN (ravetohn)





Dominican producer Freaky Philip is back ! And that’s just hot as hell !! For 8 months he’s been working on that project with a bunch of friends producers and the result is awesome ! Mambostep – remember the name, check the style !


Freaky Phillip – Raices

The entire work is available for free on LatinoResiste digilabel !


Whut ????? Another Damien Marley X Skrillex remix ??? What’s got on your mind ?” you’re thinking. Well actually here’s the story : i was driving&listening to the radio when THAT very track popped onto a serious big French radio. To my displeasure however and possibly because it’s not an official remix, the radio host just mentioned the names of Damien Marley&Skrillex. I find that a bit unfair. So here you go guys !Big up to Dreadsquad for that great composing work !


Skrillex & Damian Marley – Make it bun dem (Dreadsquad remix)



Take the weight off you feet“, i learnt that listening to BBC Learning English. So let’s do that and listen to this great jazzy tropical drum’n’bass track from Colombian producer Watusinger. I wish i knew a little bit more about the man cause i really love the style which reminds me of the Sambass Brazilian DnB comps.


Watusinger – No tengas miedo


Let’s finish our digging with Mo Karmous‘ track Never too. I also wish i could tell more about the producer. But we at least can enjoy the music ! Minimal/Tropical/House. Call it whatever you want but don’t forget to check it !


Mo Karmous – Never too

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