Awesome EP here from Kid Cedek, this is one naaarsty beast!

Here’s what he says:

Here it is! My “Circus Freaks” EP! Its definitely been seen here, there, and everywhere at this point. Whether itʼs a result of its BBC radio 1/MTV Hive/ + Elektro Mag support or its coinciding national “Circus Freaks” tour; My vision for the EP to be heard on a large-scale has definitely surpassed my expectations! And now you can have it for free download for a limited time before the release is sent to online music resellers!

The “Circus Freaks” EP has a distinct remix lineup including AGLORY, ETC!ETC!, Sazon Booya, Street Lurkin, Team Jaguar, and Que Serock. All these guys did their thing so please be sure to check their original tunes out as well!

Here is the Tracklisting:

1. Sientelo Feat. Sir Speedy (Original Mix)
2. Sientelo Feat. Sir Speedy (Aglory Remix)
3. Amplify (Original Mix)
4. Amplify (Team Jaguar Remix)
5. Clowninʼ In Da Trap (Original Mix)
6. Circus Freaks (Original Mix)
7. Circus Freaks (ETC!ETC! Remix)
8. Circus Freaks (Sazon Booya Remix)
9. Circus Freaks (Street Lurkin Remix)
10. *Bonus Track* Circus Freaks (Que Serock Remix)

Here are some Videos: [Amplify Music Video Coming Soon]

1. Kid Cedek – Circus Freaks (Official Music Video) ”

2. Akai MPK 49: In The Studio with Kid Cedek | ”

Grab the entire EP download via the Mediafire Alternative Download Link Password: “seadix”

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