YEP… So the Chip scene was kind of shaken by the fact that Blip Festival is indefinitely cancelled with the last one occurring in Tokyo this month but I don’t think Chipmusic is going any where and is probably just going to open up even more in the coming years with new events going to start popping up.


Dotama x USK (Miii Trap Remix)

LOL .. Chiptrap.. so that has happened now.. Actually a fairly good tune but I would be happy if we didn’t have a whole flood of this. YAY JAPAN!! Free Download



Hexawe is a group/collective/site dedicated to the software Little Piggy Tracker (LPGT). This release is one of the strongest I have heard most of the artists are from the Chip scene and so hold onto that aesthetic in terms of production and aesthetics but there is some room for newer sounds and samples due to the use of more modern hardware.. Track 2 By Bleo and Track 10 by Starpause are particularly skwonky!!



More not strictly chip.. this guy makes Lazerbass type stuff amazingly with the Nintendo / Korg DS10 Cartridge. A mean feat and a great release because of it.. Check out Kittenrock for the download.



Everyones favourite Latvian with another swagged out skwomp groove.. Really like the funky vibe he has started putting into the more recent material over the more aggressive sound.


Rolly Mingwold

Stepping firmly into Dreamwave / Chillwave territory with this one but the artist is the king of alias’s Carl Peczynski who makes amazing chipmusic as well (under Sadnes, Oxygenstar, Radlib). A great track on a great label check it out here.




Missed this one but it is some classic Japanese Gameboy dance mayhem and it is called the Chipbass EP so I kind of have to include it (was that term coined here first .. I don’t even know or care but its cool that it is a concept artists are down with)..



Talented pixel artist from Venezuela,  UI offers this great release of NES Chiphop beats. Authentic, bass heavy and have a solid swagger to all the tracks its well worth a listen. Check out the previous Killer Beats while you’re at it..



This artist never fails to make the most interesting fakebit out there. Such a lovely melding of chip aesthetics and sounds with huge modern production values. This EP is a calming ambient chill glitch reminicent of a bunch of IDM I used to really dig. Free Download as well so grab it!



This track is great purely for that intro sound effect… hahaah some really solid and refreshing ideas through out but loses me a little with the huge wubs in the middle. Still cool to hear this kind of stuff happening!!

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