The nu cumbia scene is heating up more and more. When I first started writing here on Generation Bass there were good tracks out there but not near as abundant as today. With all the new innovation and ever-growing community of cumbieros it’s become a full time job for me to keep up.

I’m not complaining, actually I love it. My gig never gets boring, tiring at times yes, but never boring. And being boring is the worst, so says Pet Shop Boys (I purposely held out “the” before Pet Shop Boys, a true fan would understand why).

All week these cumbia kids keep me busy listening and filing away the cumbia for every Friday. I used to be able to write this post a couple of days before my deadline but I find that to be impossible now, at least as a final draft. So every week the cumbia kids keep me inside on Friday afternoons at my desk writing this post up as early as possible so I can manage to go out and do something (tonight there is an Oktoberfest celebration near my local university).

Let’s get to it shall we?

Arun y la Cumbia is taking us to new places with his innovative ways. He took a classic Jackson 5 tune and created a whole new interpretation to their song “I’ll Be There,” one of the greatest Motown classics beautifully reconstructed.

El Gato Deejay makes an appearance here on SSC once again. It’s good to have him back I must say. Here he is with his new edit of MC Rayna’s “White and Red.”

Back from last week is El Lobby Sound with yet another new nice cumbia digital edit.

A massive mixtape for October comes from Lima, Peru cumbia heads Elegant & La Imperial along an image of the Academy Award winning “Teen Wolf” (I think it was for The Best Teen Werewolf Movie Ever category).

Siete Catorce mashed up tracks into an insane 3ball from and for Tijuana mini mix, featuring himself among Los Macuanos, Sheeqo Beat and Santos.

The four-man team from Monterrey, Bematela released a dope little EP of their take on cumbia. It’s a solid EP infused with hip hop, dope scratching, tribal guarachero and electro.

This next one is a good simple remix perfect for a live set. It’s “Delia La Cumbianbera” edited by Albert DJ Style.

Two awesome producers teamed up recently, DJ Pase and Pa Kongal on their track “El Veneno.” I can hear Pa Kongal’s wobbly signature in it.

Yes I am a fan of DJ Neber, it has to be apparent by now. It’s refreshing from time to time to hear some scratching and hip hop mashup beats on the clouds. Here is “La Colombiana.”

Washington DC owes its fame to Empresarios. The United States capitol would be corrupt with out them. Empresarios keeps the district moral and peaceful, so the world owes them for this feat. They have a new album coming out next week on Beatport titled, “Volume Remixed EP.” Which features remixes of their work. It will be on Beatport on the 16th with the official worldwide release set for 30th, October (that’s October 30th, for my U.S. readers).

Here is a taste of what’s to come. It’s G-Flux’s remix of “Rompan Fila.”

The latest installment of The Gorillaz remixes comes from Augustin Sound System with his mashup edit gone schizophrenic.

Jack Posada our friend from down under returns with his sharing of a live set he performed featuring Carribean Bass infused tracks.

I found this guy lurking in the darkness on SoundCloud. Going by the name Charmed Axx Noel, his cumbia is dark and mysterious. I really want to share him with you to see what you think. I think he will be big very soon.

Tropicalisimo Apache, now I know these guys. I remember one night I didn’t get along with one of the members because he mistook me for a waiter (server, whatever) haha. I gave him tremendous attitude that night for mistaking me. I thought it was cool 4:20 Music Flavor messed around with their work so I could post it here and tell all of you about my bad behavior.

I am a huge fan of David Guetto! (Yes not Guetta, but Guetto) Mainly because he mocks the genius of our beloved David Guetta. But also his tracks are actually really dope. Here is an intense track creatively titled “David Guetto’s Track.”

Get up to get down to this next funky one. It’s a cumbia-house-electro masterpiece by DJ Dus!

Perhaps the highlight of this week for me was the long, super long, much too long, awaited release of Sub Klub’s Brujjas Deejay featuring Hanna Shinohara’s “Maestros de Ceremonia.” They have been teasing us, especially me, for quite some time but now it is here in all its glory. Featuring remixes from Caballo, Javier Estrada, Deltatron, Freak Castro, DJ Vintage, Relo and Black Mandingo. From the outside there are also remixes by yours truly and Tropikore. It’s a free download too!!! FREE DOWNLOAD

Here are mine.

The Southern Tribal Funk – Hanna Shinohara (El Guero Unico Interpretation) by El Güero Único

And Tropikore’s trvp-mambo remix which I posted here before on its own Generation Bass post.

Now I say goodbye. I have to go participate in Oktoberfest now!


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