Moombahton, future bass, Latin hip hop, tropical bass, dubstep, minimal, even cumbia are just just a few styles to describe what you can expect from the sound of Chilean based KTRMUSIC’s fourth album Androides (Androids). K.T.R. for those who don’t know them yet consists of Ka on vocals and Patoxhea on production.

They weave these genres into a wonderful tapestry of unique futuristic sounds. Androides is an album that successfully showcases what it’s like when modern technology mixes with tropical roots. At times like with the song “First Contact” it is very ambient and melodramatic and other times upbeat and funky like with “Baila Para Mi.”

When I write an article or review of an album I am picky. I only choose albums with supreme quality production. And Androides most emphatically fits the bill especially due to the guest producers involved like Chancha Via Circuito, Daniel Klauser, Animal Travel, Hidromental (produced my favorite track on the album – Andrew Carlssin) and main producer Patoxhea.

KTR – TEASER “ANDROIDES” from kooltrackrecords on Vimeo.

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