Asmund from Copia just put me onto this stuff and it’s ridiculously gooood!

Here’s also what he says about the Electro Chaabi phenomenon:

electro chaabi / shapey /shaabi is and old style of egyptian music turned aggressive wedding music and freestyling in a wonderful mix! I was down there the summer before the “revolution” and joined them on my mpc1000 at the mad wedding/blockparties. There where knife dancing and motorcycle burnouts on the dancefloor and pleeenty of dancing men. dancing with each other. Very unusual for me, but to them it was a complete freakout to have a woman dancing among them… loool! the style reminds of baile funk in its loopyness in the beat and tematicly its about whatever the mc wants. they often comment on everyday news, sing to god, the wedding couple, forbidden love (very saucy in their context), ethics or bling talk… their dj’s mash up a lot on the fly, looping a 8bar shaabi riddim on one deck, mixing in reggaeton (Gasolina of course) or David Guetta on top. its hillairious when the groom and bride arrives to Sexy Bitch. But since they don’t know the language of english in the working districts of Cairo, noone gives a fukk. 🙂

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