Another Transnational Moombahton beauty here by our dude Rhythmstar following up from his recent mega cool free EP, “Body of a Goddess”.

Don’t sleep on this sublime slice of gorgeousness.

Grab the free EP too, if you haven’t done so already:

Big ups to Steve Ohh for the artwork!




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Generation Bass presents: Rhythmstar – Body of a Goddess

A new assault in the ongoing battles to break Moombahton to higher ground is the free series we will be presenting on the Generation Bass platform. This series will be free. Free as in sharing, not as in beer. Free as in inspiration and giving young and hardworking artists that need to be heard a voice.

First up is the amazing Rhythmstar. This guy is no newcomer to the global electronic community but a powerful player on the Hawaiian Islands, written up by the Hawaii Tribune as the island’s number 1 DJ. He has now relocated to the West Coast and is ready to take on main land America! Rhythmstar transports listeners deep inside complex, enigmatic, bassline rituals with a potent elixir of future soul music, laden with deep subsonic frequencies, and driving polyrhythmic percussion. Rhythmstar’s sound is an elegant mix of bass music genres: seductive moombahton, melodic dubstep, effervescent glitch, psychedelic hip hop and everything else he can get his hands on.

For this EP, he drops some serious Moombah bangers. Powerful beats, dark synths and driving percussion give this release an almost apocalyptic feel in its opener “Body of a Goddess”. A perfect track for the great David Starfire to play with and add some serious wobble and midrange power to in his flaming remix! In the next two joints, Rhythmstar takes his foot of the pedal a bit and adds some South American flavor to his blend with sultry acoustic guitar licks in “I’m Not Dreaming” and the highly percussive “Mas Caliente”, which is a track that has the potential to set any dance floor on fire. Heavy synths and bass pressure propel the Moombah snares that accents the movements of La Colitas (backsides to anyone in a non-latin country) to be shaken in the club… “Moombahtron” takes us into a more techno sounding territory, with trancey synths and robot voices working side by side to make this a track excellently suited for driving your car too fast.

These 4 tracks and a remix show us the wide range of stuff Rhythmstar is capable of within the Moombahton genre and the sidesteps he can add to the genre. Intricate drum programming and lush melodies form the key element to the great, great sound that is Rhythmstar!

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