This is hostile ! Reckless music for your ears ! Stop hipstering and blow those fuckin headphones of yours !

Alex Supremee from Chicago and Madman have released this angry remix of famous French FriesSenta ! Travelling between Tropical beats, Trap&Bmore you’ve got quite some footwork to prepare if you wanna dance onto this one !

French Fries-Senta (Alex Supremee & MadMan Remix)


Great release from Italian duo Ckrono&Slesh ! Trancy, with something that reminds me of the movie Brazil !
You can actually get the whole EP for free. Just check the Soundcloud link !

Digi G’Alessio – A Generation’s Anthem (Ckrono & Slesh rmx)



DotEXE, Young producer from Chicago enjoys long walks on the beach ! I dunno if that’s where he gets his inspiration but the shit is powerful !

DotEXE – Hipster Cutthroat


And to finish listen to this huge remix from French producer Big Dope P ! What a damn track ! For the most curious “Nathalie Baye” is a very popular French actress.
Todd Terry & J Paul Getto – The Sure Shot (Big Dope P Remix) [Moveltraxx, 2012]


Wanna know more ? Check the links !

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