I know we are all so stressed out about our money, our crony central bank controlled economies and all the other crazy stuff we consume our thoughts with. We may have an illusion of choice but I’ll take it one step further, we all have an illusion of an illusion of choice (unless were discussing neuroscience but I’m not gonna go there). You all chose to come check this post out. I’ll have to admit in saying that was a damn good choice. Because here is your safe haven of reality, where good creative music is showcased without ego and stupidity.

And this week in particular is bangin! There are some great tracks here. Therefore I don’t want to waste any more of your time with my words. Dig into these!

Cumbia-dub never tasted so sweet thanks to Piper Street Sound with his new track “Arfican Dub.” He sampled bits and pieces of recent great Dialect Trio tunes (produced by Piper Street Sound) to make this amazing and deep track.

I don’t know how this track from Sonidos Profundos made it past me this past year (I suspect he had it private for a while or something but I could be wrong) but I’m happy at least that I found it. The bass is dope, the minimalism in the rhythm and percussion drive the track through all the synths and samples. Let this song get into your brain.

Mosca Verde dropped this unique masterpiece rather recently.

Here we have a really cool nu cumbia band from Argentina “La Rebelde.” Providing cool cumbia vibes, I hope to hear more from them soon.

One of my personal favorite dj’s, DJ Neber, put together an exclusive mix for the always-on top, Dos Mundos Radio. Featuring his really incredible mixing skills, DJ Neber truly delivered a great mixtape.

Olaya Sound System is truly a brilliant cumbia-reggae band from Lima, Peru. They are among the best in my opinion, of the nu cumbia bands out there. They keep their Peruvian chicha roots alive along with the unique fearless and experimental spirit of Peruvian artists. Here are the newest two tracks from them.

Since we’re on the Peruvian sounds I’ll continue with some more new dopeness. Andean Illicit is the master of this remix of Lost Poet showing us how well chicha can work with hip hop in a fusion.

Honestly when I think of greatness from Peru, one of the greatest duos out there comes to mind, Dengue Dengue Dengue! These guys can’t go wrong even if they tried. They’re just too damn good at what they do. Not only do they have their signature badass sound but also they have their own unique mask-wearing stage persona. When one thinks of Dengue Dengue Dengue! they think of these masks and incredible live visuals.

That all said, they finally released their first official full-length album titled “La Alianza Profana.” A long with their album they released their new video for their song “Simiolo.”

Don’t stop there though. Check out this sampler of the tracks on “La Alianza Profana.” And if you like the songs, which you most definitely will, then you can PURCHASE THE ALBUM HERE.

Out of Peru too Kuto Selektah Quilla takes the political position with his music. Recently he released an EP through Caballito Net Label called “Kontra Toda Autoridad.”

Pedrolito continues to be consistent with his Folklore Digital mixtapes featuring new tracks from some of the best talent around.

Boris Low makes an appearance here this week with his nice mashup of Pibes Choros VS Rusko.

Yyamil returns here with his simple but cool Celso Pina remix.

Brazilian kids are recently showing that they have a taste for nu cumbia. I heard this through the grapevine and hope to hear a lot of this very soon. I do have this mix from Brazilian El Freaky Selector.

ElMulato returns with his unique cumbia de terraza sound.

Darwin Inmencion DJ is new here. This is something he uploaded earlier this past week and I really dug it.

Here is another new producer to SSC. Going by the name Paper-Less, this minimal cumbiahton track in quite unique.

I don’t know why no one has done this before (at least to my knowledge) but it seems to work out interestingly well. Mixing regional Mexican music with a cumbia rhythm. It’s kind of funny but still I like it.

Last up are a couple mixes from two very innovative producers, Dany F with his deep cumbia style and Spike Devil Disco with his dark sounds.

That about wraps it up folks. This week really saw some incredible and unique nu cumbia tracks.


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