I was quite fortunate to be able to listen to Dialect Trio’s new album early. It’s called “Desert Blues,” a raw rough style of recording and playing that strongly reflects the nature of the desert. They recorded the title track Desert Blues live straight through like the old days of jazz recordings when everyone would play two or three takes of each song. Albums would be raw and cut in a weekend with extras for the collector freaks like me to obsess over.

Desert Blues reminds me of something Led Zeppelin would bring to the stage either as a long intro to their concert or somewhere in the middle when every one is stoned out of their minds. Matthew Mansfield’s bass lines are classic rock style drivers to the music, the heart beat. Russ Bledsoe’s guitar playing is rough and raw similar to southern rock from the United States. Hinting to a little bit of Lynard Skynard and the rawness of Neil Young. The drums Robby Astrove keeps it loose throughout while keeping the groove tight at the same time. Think Mitch Mitchell with The Jimmy Hendrix Experience.

The single Desert Blues doesn’t come alone on the EP but also you get an alternate version and two live recordings. Over all this little EP has wings and grit. Give it a listen and name your price.

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