Outstanding, breath-taking, raving mad, simply insane !


David Heartbreak has gathered his own league of superheroes to compose a 7-track-EP loaded with acid ! Simon Sayz, Jon Kwest, J-Kray, Alexandre, Nicademass, Rex Riot&Blood Eagle.

You’ve already heard Acid Youths from David’s soundcloud ! But then from the SC page you can also download the whole comp for free ! So help yourself ! It’s a gift from David himself !

David Heartbreak & Simon Sayz-Acid Youths


All the tracks are equally biting and loaded with some kind of furious boiling fudge ! It’ll be difficult for you to choose which one is your favorite as they all have their own flavour.

Acid Youths is definitely challenging The Prodigy as David Heartbreak and Simon Sayz use Pablo Gad‘s famous Hard Times track as their anthem riddim.

When i listen to Jon Kwest‘s Borg images of automatized assembly lines come to my mind, robots constructing robots without any control, following their own purpose with a divine perfection.

Crank this (acid motherfucker !) from J-Kray is a battlefield of distorted lazers and booming kicks with these amazing acid line and loud synth envelope !

Hydrochloride from Alexandre is the real shit like the shit is real and not shit shit ! Starting with a cheap acid-kick and a distorted alarm it quickly drops a loud upbeat kick and a heavy synth line.

With I’m On Acid Master from Nicademass we know we got past the club entrance and we’re on the dancefloor being dazzled but the psychedelic lights. The party has started to no-end.

Rex Riot‘s Seven or Less is surprising with its percussive intro and a the guttural voice switching to a rapid 8 bit-synth line a heavy bass-kick beat.

The Jaunt from Blood Eagle has these wonderful distorted stabs and this loud bass that gives you a strong impression of travelling through a long endless tunnel breaking the sound barrier, so close to crash and yet not like a immortal daredevil.


You guys are too high to find the download link ??? Let me help !






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