Here we’ll write only about BAILE FUNK, FUNK CARIOCA, nothing of neo funk. Right? Lets do it!

Funk Carioca and Funk Paulista are changing. The way of produce, the way to sing, the synths, the samplers, but the but keep the same! The only diference is the way to produce the beat, sometime it’s created as eletronic beat, but it’s okay. Here is one of this direction:

Producing funk with other instruments, this funk-soul-jazz-pop show a new tendency to brazilian producers, the way to use another instrument, other wise, they will keep with the same and knew samplers, making baile funk scene with a lot of similar tracks.

Well, this 2 mc’s is from São Paulo, one of the new direction that we’ve already said, about Ostentação.

This other way, show the funk with some kind of synth pop, eletronic beats and no ‘putaria’ at lyrics. There is a trend called Funk Bonito (handsome Funk), to make funk something good to everyone , favela, people of middle class and media.

Dennis Dj is from Galerão Records, and they create a kind of STORE OF FUNK, releasing a lot of exclusive material with good quality, with a cover and featuring all funk artists!!!

IFUNK store

IFunk is the NEW STORE of baile funk, coming from Rio de Janeiro, released by Dennis Dj. But you will find all material there.

Example of it: An Album from MR. Catra, one of live legend here in Brazil!!! Even to us, this material is very rare and exclusive! And you can download it for Free!! You just need to register on store.

Furduncio is the new funk melody from King of Music in Brazil, Rei Roberto Carlos. He is one of singer who wrote the history of music in Brazil, making music at Tropicalismo, with Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso and other great musicians.

Now it’s time to funk? Maybe, but it’s a interesting movement.

To finish the post, let’s see 3 great mixes of funk carioca:


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